5 takeaways from Packers loss to Bills

5 takeaways from Packers loss to Bills

ORCHARD PARK, NY – The Packers lost their fourth straight game Sunday night in Buffalo, losing 27-17 to the Bills at Highmark Stadium.

Here are five takeaways from defeat:

1. The accounts are terribly good, but that doesn’t make the result any less frustrating.

The Packers, now 3-5, were 14-0 behind outside the gate and faced a multi-scoring disadvantage for much of the match. This is no place to be against one of the best teams in the league and a potential favorite to represent AFC in the Super Bowl.

“They came out with more intensity in the beginning and put us in a hole too big to get out,” said head coach Matt LaFleur, who complained that a good week of practice led to such a slow start. “Surely our boys are disappointed, I’m disappointed, but we have to find a way to remedy this.”

2. The defense of Green Bay continues to suffer from difficult stretches and the good times are not enough.

After a first three-and-out, the Packers defense allowed the Bills to score on five consecutive possessions (three TDs, two FGs), bringing the score to 27-10 in the middle of the third quarter.

Bills QB and MVP candidate Josh Allen did what he normally does, with fewer passing attempts than usual (13 of 25, 218 yards, plus 49 yards of running), buying time to find open receivers and scrambling for key yards himself. .

“Josh Allen is such a problem,” LaFleur said. “He’s a dynamic player, man.”

Receiver Stefon Diggs got six catches for 108 yards, scoring a 26-yard TD on a real move, as the big plays continued to hurt the Packers. Diggs also had a 53-yard hold, running back James Cook melted for a 41-yard catch, and running back Devin Singletary had a 30-yard run, accounting for nearly half of his 67 yards.

The Packers kept the Bills just three points in the second half and got two interceptions from Allen in the fourth quarter, but those defenses were too small, too late.

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