Fox News’ Jesse Watters ‘Aiding and abetting’ Vitriol That Led to Pelosi’s Attack, Gavin Newsom Says – Deadline

Fox News’ Jesse Watters ‘Aiding and abetting’ Vitriol That Led to Pelosi’s Attack, Gavin Newsom Says – Deadline

Governor of California Gavin Newsom sat down with CBS News correspondent Chief Washington Major Garrett over the weekend and offered his candid assessment of this week’s factors. attack on Paul Pelosihusband of the House Speaker Nancy Pelosiwho left him in the hospital after being assaulted with a hammer in his San Francisco home.

“I saw the dehumanization of Nancy Pelosi,” Newsom told Garrett. “I don’t think anyone has been dehumanized like she always has. Now I look at this guy, Jesse Watters or something about Fox News. What he’s been saying about Paul Pelosi the last five, six months, consistently mocking him. Don’t tell me it’s not helpful and I encourage all of this. Of course it is. ”

About a month ago, Watters characterized the speaker’s claims that there is a shortage of workers in the United States and that some farmers want immigrant workers.

“Shut up and pick my grapes,” he he said on Jesse Watters Primetime. “Historically, the Democrats have always been concerned about who’s picking their crops and they haven’t really seen them as people. But they are, Biden and Pelosi, they are. But they don’t care. The death march they’re taking doesn’t never mind. They are servants and if they lose a few along the way, they will get more servants.

Watters’ Fox News show won its 7 pm slot among cable news networks.

“They sow the seeds, they create a culture and a climate like this,” Newsom said in his interview, which was aired. CBS Evening News with Norah O’Donnell Tuesday at 6:30 pm ET. “I mean, look online. Look at the sewers that are online that are amplifying on these networks and on social media to dehumanize people like Nancy Pelosi and other political leaders.”

Watters, for his part, responded to the news of the attack on Pelosi’s husband as follows:

“People are beaten with hammers every day. People are pushed into subways, cut, shot in cold blood, but the media focuses on this one crime to pin it on Republicans?

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