PM update: Poorly timed trick-or-treating showers tonight

PM update: Poorly timed trick-or-treating showers tonight


A heat wave is looming and today’s temperatures have risen well into the 60s despite lots of clouds. Although it has been dry for Halloween apart from a quick shower so far, that will change as we head into the evening. Some ill-timed rain pulls through tonight before sunshine and the 70s return on Tuesday.

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Until this evening: Unfortunately, for much of the evening, raindrops are a great choice for trick-or-treating. In the early evening there might be a little break somewhere between 5pm and 7pm. However, it’s hard to say if it will be long enough for much help. Showers may be heavier for some time later in the evening before fading away around midnight. Temperatures are on the mild side, staying above 60 in most places throughout the evening on the way to lows in the mid 50’s to near 60’s. There could be some patchy late fog.

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Tomorrow (Tuesday): Clouds can still appear in the morning, but they will become less over time. Partial to mostly sunny conditions in the afternoon will help push temperatures close to and above 70. Winds will be from the north around 10mph with gusts approaching 20mph.

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Spooky Weather: This is the first Halloween of measurable rain in Washington since 2019, when 1.25 inches fell. Although our average high temperature has dropped to 64 degrees, four of the last five Halloweens have been at least as warm as today. The hottest October 31 came back in 1950 when the maximum temperature reached 85 degrees. It dropped to just 41 in 1925 during DC’s coldest Halloween. As recently as 2002, it was a cool 47 for the high.

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