Raiders vs Saints Week 8: Final score 24-0 in the resounding defeat in Las Vegas

Raiders vs Saints Week 8: Final score 24-0 in the resounding defeat in Las Vegas

The Las Vegas Raiders went into a seemingly very winable match at Saints of New Orleans Sunday and absolutely laid an egg, losing 24-0. It was the first time the Raiders have been banned since 2014, Derek Carr’s rookie season. This was bad and the Raiders are in trouble. Let’s take a look at the key aspects of the game:


The Raiders are 2-5. The Saints are 3-5.

What does it mean:

The Raiders are bad. I’m in last place in AFC West. The Denver Broncos improved to 3-5 and the Heads of Kansas City5-2 and the Los Angeles battery charger, 4-3, were eliminated in week 8. The Raiders still have a four-match winnable lead ahead of them. But this team is not good at all right now and has built a big hole for themselves. The Saints are not a good team. They are beaten. They were bad defensively coming into play and I’m Andy Dalton’s quarterback. And they smoked the Raiders. Oh, and the Saints’ head coach is Dennis Allen, who bombed as the Raiders head coach last decade and who Raiders owner Mark Davis didn’t like. This is not good.

Turning point:

In truth, the Saints have dominated this game every step of the way. But a strange sequence of two plays in the second quarter when Las Vegas manager Josh McDaniels performed a strange jet sweep conducted by the wide receiver in front of Adams on the third and 1 and then a bad attempt at a mock punt seemed to signal what kind of day it would be. for both silver and black.

Accident report:

DJ Turner, wide catcher / Raiders special team, left the game with a face injury in the second quarter. The good news is that the 53-man roster is pretty healthy.

What’s next:

The Raiders play al Jacksonville Jaguars on week 9, November 6 starting at 10am PT. The Raiders will spend the week in Florida so they don’t have to make two consecutive long trips. The Jaguars are 2-6 after losing 21-17 to the Denver Broncos in London on Sunday.

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