The lightest 3D printed pad saddle you can buy? Five cool things coming soon from Bjorn, Specialized, Campagnolo, Gripgrab and Kostume

The lightest 3D printed pad saddle you can buy? Five cool things coming soon from Bjorn, Specialized, Campagnolo, Gripgrab and Kostume

I can only apologize for the astronomical prices of some of these products, but they’re quite interesting (and ‘cool’, some might say), so don’t miss out! This week’s highlights include a saddle that’s supposedly the world’s lightest with a 3D-printed pad, some funky bib shorts, arguably the prettiest gravel wheels around, a windbreaking base layer and another product from the Specialized/Fjällräven collection …

Bjorn Setka saddle


2022 Bjorn Setka Saddle.jpg

It was the National Hill Climb Champs last weekend, so it only seems right to include a super lightweight saddle! This Bjorn Setka claims to be the lightest in the world with a 3D printed pad, and it’s easy to see why with our 143mm wide saddle (155mm also available) weighing just 131g on the scales of the truth. Let us know in the comments if you’ve seen a lighter…

2022 Bjorn Setka Saddle - bottom 2.jpg

However, low weight is rather meaningless without comfort (unless you’re climbing a hill), so Bjorn says it used 3D printing to create a complex structure without congested zones during a ride. The brand says this is possible thanks to Digital Light Synthesis (DLS) to produce “exceptional mechanical properties, resolution and surface finish”.

There’s also a pretty generous (for a super-lightweight component) rider weight limit of 120kg, and Bjorn promises durability from its 7x9mm carbon rails too.

Kostume Signature Bib Shorts for Men


2022 Suit Mens Bib Short.jpg

Do you want all the invisible pieces of you? best bib shorts with suspenders be really beautiful? These new Kostume Signature Bibs might just be for you! The Kostume shorts also have much more serious premium features, such as a recycled main fabric and straps, raw-cut leg seams and minimal flatlock seams.

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2022 Suit Mens Bib Short - page logo.jpg

For £180 you also get some more unique features, such as the exclusive Italian-made chamois with a four-layer construction that combines three types of memory foam, with an aloe-infused microfibre surface designed to be used without chamois cream.

Kostume also uses its innovative racerback design, which allows the back of the shorts to be pulled down for toilet breaks without having to remove your top layers.

Campagnolo Levante Carbon Gravel Wheels


2022 Campagnolo Levante 2

Campagnolo’s 1.485g Levante carbon wheelset is 30mm deep and designed for gravel riding. That means you get an internal width of 25mm for 38 to 76mm tires, but these stand out from the crowd thanks to Campagnolo’s C-LUX mirror finish, which you’d normally find on the Italian brand’s tyres. best road bike wheels like the Bora Ultra WTO.

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2022 Campagnolo Levante gravel wheelset.jpg

Campagnolo says these wheels are light and easy to handle, stiff on the climbs and especially on the descents thanks to the handcrafted Ultra-Light Carbon (HULC) rims. I’ve put these pretty good looking wheels through their revolutions in both tubeless and tube-type clincher form, and you can read my full verdict in the coming weeks…

Gripgrab WindBreaking Short Sleeve Thermal Baselayer


2022 GripGrab WindBreaking Short Sleeve Thermal Base Layer.jpg

Gripgrab has made a name for high quality winter cycling gloves and accessories… but did you know it also makes base layers? This windbreaker base claims to replace a gilet, and Gribgrab says the fabric used on the front and shoulders “blocks up to 80% of the air particles bombarding your torso”.

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2022 GripGrab WindBreaking Short Sleeve Thermal Base Layer - Shoulders.jpg

Gripgrab adds that many windproof base layers have a second layer panel of non-stretch windproof membrane material that can restrict movement and lead to heat build-up. However, theirs use a new single-layer fabric that is exceptionally breathable and flexible. Jo Burt has tried it out to see if he can really take all his vests to the charity shop…

Women’s Specialized/Fjällräven Räven Anorak


2022 Specialized Fjallraven Raven Anorak for women.jpg

Specialized says this jacket is great for cycling or hiking with four-way stretch fabric, a relaxed cut on the bike, reflective accents and wind resistance. Other features include a two-way zippered vent on the sides, zippered hand pockets and inner mesh pockets reinforced at the bottom, as well as a stowable hood.

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The jacket weighs 552 grams on our scales, so we expect some serious protection from the elements! Lara Dunn has reviewed this one and her full review will be live on very soon.

For the latest test reports, visit our reviews section. If you want some more advice before pouring out the money, check out our buyer’s guides.

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