Tom Brady addresses divorce, says he’s focused on taking care of his kids and winning football games for Bucs

Tom Brady addresses divorce, says he’s focused on taking care of his kids and winning football games for Bucs

Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady and his wife of 13 years, model and activist Gisele Bundchen officially filed for divorce according to rumors, their marriage came to an end. Both made announcements on social media explaining that they are splitting up.

Brady spoke about the divorce in his “Let’s go!” Podcast with Jim Gray providing insight into the situation.

“There are a lot of professionals in life who go through things that they deal with at work and at home,” Brady said. “Obviously the good news is that it’s a very friendly situation and I’m really focused on two things: taking care of my family and certainly my kids and secondly doing my best to win football games. That’s it, what professionals do.”

Brady said he will remain focused on the task at hand and while he still plays football he will find a balance between work and being a father. The 45-year-old has three children, one with former girlfriend and actress Bridget Moynahan and two with Cuffs.

“You focus on work when it’s time for work, and when you get home you focus on home priorities,” Brady said. “All you can do is the best you can do. I will continue to do so as long as I work and am a father.”

Brady shared how he plans to manage his personal and professional life, citing overcoming many difficult situations in his 23 years in the United States NFL.

“I think that’s what it means to be a pro,” Brady said. “I’ve dealt with a lot of challenging situations on and off the pitch over 23 years, and a lot of it plays out in front of a lot of people. So I think it’s interesting for a soccer player and an athlete in general you’re out there I always say we’re not actors even though we’re on TV. This is our true selves out there. We try to do our best.

“That’s how people have come to know me through television over the years and that’s the real me out there competing with my teammates every day and you give the team everything you can,” Brady continued. “Everyone goes through different things. We all have our unique challenges in life. We are all human. We give our best.”

Brady is currently enjoying the worst start to the season of his career, currently sitting 3-5 and second in the NFC South behind the Atlanta Falcons.

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